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If you’re trying to apply for BP Credit Card and want to know more about the supported BP Credit Cards, then you’re not alone.There are lots of people trying to apply for a BP credit card.Considering that fuel prices are rocketing, it’s only normal for all of us to want to try and save the most when it comes to filling fuel.

With the MyBPcreditcard, not only can you save money while filling fuel from popular petrol stations, but you can also avail awesome discounts on your other purchases as well.

In this article, we will be talking about the various credit cards that are offered by British Petroleum for valuable customers.


What Are the Different Credit Cards Offered by British Petroleum [BP Supported Credit Cards]?

There are three main credit cards that are released in partnership with British Petroleum.

BP Visa Credit Card:

The most popular credit card offered by British Petroleum is the BP Visa Credit Card.
Being a Visa branded credit card, it allows the card holders to utilize the card and its benefits across all the businesses out there that accept Visa credit cards.
Thus, with the Visa-branded BP credit card, you are not restricted to use the credit card only at BP and Amoco petrol stations.
Considering that millions of businesses around the globe accept Visa credit cards, finding a merchant that accepts your BP Visa Credit Card, regardless of where in the world you are at the moment, won’t be a hassle at all.

BP Credit Card:

The BP Credit Card, also known as BP Store Card, is basically a rewards card that is offered by British Petroleum.
Therefore, you won’t be able to use the BP Credit Card in any other merchants apart from the BP and Amoco petrol stations.
However, if you are someone who regularly visits either BP or Amoco petrol stations, then you can easily make the best use of this credit card as it gives you up to 10¢ off on your fuel refill bills.

Does BP Credit Card Have Annual Fees?

Regardless of whether you choose the BP Visa Credit Card or the standard BP Credit Card, you will not be charged with any annual fees for holding the hard.

However, if you have taken any credit card loan or if you don’t repay back your credit card bills on time, then the card issuer can charge you with additional fees and fines depending on the scenario.

How to Make the Best Use of a BP Credit Card?

You can make the best use of BP Credit Card by utilizing it for fuel refills at British Petroleum and Amoco petrol stations.

Moreover, if you own the BP Visa Credit Card, then you can also use the card while grocery shopping and also for your ordinary day-to-day purchases in order to get discount cashback in the form of statement credits.

Finally, always make sure to pay your credit card bills on time and avoid consuming the full limit of your credit card.

Paying credit card bills on time ensures that you aren’t charged with any additional fees or penalties.

Moreover, not utilizing the complete credit limit on your card also helps in maintaining a good credit score, which ultimately helps to get other credit cards & bank loans approval in the future.

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