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MybpCreditCard and BP Visa Credit Card are two credit cards offered by the British Petroleum company.

As lots of people  regularly visit British Petroleum and Amoco (A British Petroleum subsidiary) petrol stations on a daily basis, having the BP Credit Cards is truly a blessing.

Both the standard BP Credit Card as well as the Visa-branded BP Credit Card allow the card holders to avail amazing discounts while refilling fuel.

To make the credit card usage easier and efficient for the users, British Petroleum has made most of the activities accessible online.

Thus, people interested in applying for a BP Credit Card don’t have to physically visit any banks or outlets to submit their application.

All they need to do is to submit an online application for the credit card, and the approval as well as further procedures can be completed online as well.

Once the credit card is approved and all the procedures are completed, the credit card will be sent via postal mail to the card holder’s registered address.

Similarly, if a registered credit card holder wishes to check their account summary, transaction history, statement, etc. they can do all such tasks by accessing the online portal and signing into their respective British Petroleum credit card account.


What are the Different BP Credit Card Portals?

Now that we explained to you about the various British Petroleum Credit Card portals, let us now also take you through the different official BP Credit Card portals that are available out there.

Portal to Apply for BP Credit Card [Online BP Credit Card Apply]

  • You can click here and visit the official BP Credit Card portal to apply for a brand new BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card.
  • Once you visit the link above, you first need to enter the last 4 digits of your ITIN/SSN. In the next field, you also need to enter your mobile phone number.
  • After entering the details, click on the “Continue” button to proceed with the application.Complete any on-screen instructions and
  • provide all the necessary details to successfully apply for a BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card.

Official Online Portal to Register for BP Credit Card Account

Once you get yourself a MyBPCrediCard, then you also need to register for an online account to be able to view your personal account details on the web portal.

  • To register for a BP Online Access account, visit the official portal.
  • After you visit the official portal, begin by entering the account number related to your BP Credit Card.
  • Also, enter the ZIP Code of your location where the credit card was availed.
  • Then, click on the “Continue” button.

Now, follow any further steps that appear on-screen to create a new online account for your BP Credit Card.

Official Login Website for BP Credit Card [BP Credit Card Login Online]

  • After registering for a BP Online Access account, you can then easily login to your personal profile.
  • To access the official BP Credit Card login portal, click here.
  • Now, enter the User ID and Password associated with your BP Online Access account.
  • The User ID and Password you enter must be the same ones you set while registering for an BP Online Access account by following the steps we listed above.

If you entered the correct User ID and Password associated with your account, then you will then instantly be given access of your BP Online account.

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